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jcandygloss's Journal

a shiny translation journal for sweet j-boys☆
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Notice :O

13th July: Updates in FAQ :D</span>

9th July: Welcome, shiokazehime, who joins the team for translating yay ♥!


Welcome all to the journal of magazine, web and lyrics translations for those of you interested in J-boys. Hopefully you'll enjoy what you read here and will be staying around for a while (^^)v


Icons are temporarily like so until shabzilla Tesshi stops whoring around and makes some!11 D:

The name was thought up between shimmeredusk and shabzilla at about 1am in the morning when we should have been asleep because we had to get up about 6-7am the next day. And it's food based... because shimmeredusk was hungry (...even though I'm always hungry DDD: don't be fooled, her stomach has the Keita seal of approval)

There is finally a layout! o(^ω^*)o UH HAPPY BIRTHDAY? and I did it on the morning of an exam no less. GJ SHABZ. :(


All you want to know about the purpose of the journal~

Who are you!? (^ε^)

shimmeredusk is a spazzy, flaily, accident prone University student nearly in her 3rd year of Japanese. From September she will be off to Japan for a year out and to stalk the boys she translates to pimp out the 80% guy population at the Uni to learn as much as she can there ...possibly about J-boys 8D!

shiokazehime looks cute and innocent, but don't be fooled by her harmless looks, because she is known to tell lies simply because it amuses her, and to use her wiles to get free drinks. She's a freshman at college in Japan.

What's the point of it all? (・O・)

We enjoy reading J-boys but what's the point of us reading it by ourselves? We enjoy translating and we want to share with everyone just how amazing these boys are :D And it's always good procrastination practice! What we do is purely out of fun and we make no profit out of them whatsoever :3

One day I woke up and translated a magazine article. I never stopped.

We can trust your translations, right? (¬_¬)

I've been studying Japanese since I could talk, but have been more serious about it for the past 6 years. There are still a ton of things I don't know but that's why I'm learning it at University now, so I can only get better :D We both do our best in keeping the translations as accurate as possible while changing them into understandable English, and there are times when meanings can be lost through translations so we can't say for certain that everything will be 100% accurate but we'll try to get it as 100% as possible (^_^)

I feel pretty confident about my translations, but don't take them for the absolute truth. I am human and make mistakes. However, I've studied Japanese for seven years so far in Hawaii, where half the people okay maybe I'm exaggerating, but just a little can speak Japanese, and lived in Japan for four months last year, so hopefully, I won't make any terribly huge errors.

Do we have to comment? (9_9)

You don't have to but comments are always ♥♥♥ And makes me feel squishy inside, happy that so many people enjoy the translations and encourage me to translate more :D!

I don't always reply to the comments I receive, because I'm either busy, shy, or don't know what to say, but I appreciate every one of them. Clearly we can't force people to comment, but perhaps the fact that they make me want to translate more will provide great initiative to drop me a line after you read. Also, sometimes friendships can grow out of the casual exchange of comments over a mutual interest<3.

Do you take requests? (*_*)

Not at the moment u_u This is because we're still getting used to working as a combo and we'd also feel bad if we weren't able to fulfill requests and the list became as long as the list of J-boys everyone loves D: Maybe in the future we'll start taking them so keep watching this space!

And these are the FAQs so far♪

Coming soon! because the power of Shabz' list making is strong

・Junon 07-08 w-inds.
・Junon 07-08 Wentz
・Junon 07-08 Teppei
・Potato 07-03 K8
・Potato 07-08 K8

・Duet 07-05 NEWS
・Wink Up 07-08 (K8)
・Duet 07-09 (K8)
・Potato 07-11 (K8)

Want to input what bands you'd like translated? There's a poll I made here to see what people would like :D


Credit to konzatsu for the scansion of the pictures and giving massive versions of the articles ♥!
Also to Hadaka no Johnny's where there are lots of good quality JE scans :O!
And Shabz for the layout ;D ;D ;D *kicked*

A little extra...

We take our time in translating these pretty J-boys for everyone to enjoy :D You can use the translations for your personal use but if you wish to post them elsewhere, it would be great if you could credit us and link back to the community. This is because the translators behind the computers spend their time reading, translating, looking through mountains of books and dictionaries, translating the translations into English everyone understands ♥ Or food and Maru for shimmeredusk and praise and Ryo for shiokazehime please 8D If not, then just a simple note saying "posted up by [insert translator] let's give her hugs because she loves them~!" will also be good (^_~)
Also, for me, please ask permission first. If you ask nicely and promise to credit, there's no way I'll say no. I spend way too much time on the computer and I should probably get back to you very soon after you ask, so that shouldn't be too hard. This goes for everything I translate, not just what I post here.

Questions? Comments? Want to translate too?

Email me HERE!

Edits to userinfo by Shabz \XO/ that'd be my fangirl face-- Teej knows it well (that would be her 'SUKIYANEN~♥!!!' face)
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