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12 June 2007 @ 11:35 am
Kanjani 8 ~ WINK UP 07-07  

Ryo Nishikido

[Yellow] What I'm aware about as I often play the Yellow Ranger? ... nothing really *laughs* But I think he's a kind and really sensitive character. But you could say that isn't just for Yellow but for every one of the Eight Rangers. Don't you think Black is especially a sensitive character? He's always getting hurt as well *laughs*

[Blue] Aoyama's Blue*. In the future I'm thinking that I want to live in Aoyama. I want to have a conversation which goes something like "where do you live?" "Aoyama" ...*laughs* But if you ask if I go to Aoyama a lot then I don't at all. I think it's only to the extent of going out to eat with friends. Well, it's close to Roppongi where there are plenty of studios and it's a convenient place for wherever we are. I guess if it was Osaka then all the areas give off an image similar to Aoyama. There's a place called Tezukayama which is like the Osaka version of Ashiya in Kobe, but I think that place. Randomly, in no way does my household have that kind of atmosphere *laughs*
*Aoyama(青山)'s ao (青) = blue

[Red] I'm going to Red Hot Chili Pepper's live! I'm really looking forward to it! Anthony had bronchitis so the last performance had to be postponed. I didn't get angry with that and just hoped "Anthony, get better soon!" and was waiting like a good boy *laughs* Eh, how's my throat? I'm the type who gets a sore throat quite a lot but as long as I drink plenty of water and not talk too much then I recover straightaway. Which is why I'm not overly worried about feeling nervous.

[Blue] The colour blue of tears. I don't think those of you reading will know this but I'm in tears at the moment. The reason why is because I want to return to Osaka soon. ("You were yawning earlier weren't you" the voices of those around him point out) No no, I was hiding my tears by yawning! It's no good, it's a serious story *laughs* I wonder who will cry on the last day of the country's tour. My prediction is maybe Okura? That guy is deeply emotional and cries immediately. Also the way he cries is really annoying. He always comes and cries first. Because he does that I say "Don't cry~" and it's bad because I can't hold back my tears *laughs* On the other hand the person who never cries is probably Maru and Yokoyama-kun.

[White] Eh, there's a White Ranger? Well, you'll have to close your eyes and think about it *laughs* I really want a white car so much I can't bare it. Up until now I've been thinking about maintaining it with ease so it was completely black. But this time I want a white car!

[Brown] The other day I went out to eat with Purple, Green, Blue, Orange and Yellow. If you mix all those together I guess you could make brown *laughs* At Daikanyama we ate Mizutaki* and we shared out the costs but I only had 130 yen *laughs* I got Yasu to pay for me. Actually Purple only had 1000 yen and he said "If I pay with this then I can't get a taxi back" so he also got someone to pay for him.

*food such as fish cooked in water

Shingo Murakami

[Purple] They already decided this coloured Ranger. In the meeting which was like the decision for the colours, I wasn't there. In the next meeting I was told "You're the Purple Ranger" and I was like "Ooh Purple! That's cool~" Eh, if I was told that I could choose whatever colour I wanted? Hmm ... ... blue! Because it's like Samurai Blue *laughs* For me, if you talk about the colour purple, it's like the colour for work. It's different from the coloured clothes I usually wear. If it was for Japanese clothes then probably the only people who would wear them would be the old women in Osaka *laughs* Don't you think that the member's clothes suit their personalities now? Also, why Yoko became the Black is... ask Yoko himself directly later.

[Red] The other day I bought a pair of red trousers for going to the tour. I have one dark coloured trousers and I also bought some black trousers the other day, so this time if I also have a red one then even if I wash them there's a spare so it's good. I can also use it when I play football normally. During lunch there was a slight break so I went with Shibutani to a football store and just bought it. I'm quite good at using up small breaks. The preparation for the tour is progressing slowly. The tour has already started but I think the days where we start to move around more typically is still a while away. I thought that I should prepare while I can now. Aside from the trousers I also bought slippers and rucksack. It's basically a bag where there are cluttered tyre marks and I'm thinking I'll put in books and things that are close to me in there for the rides in the car.

[Black] The preparations are moving forward gradually, only I can't find black leggings! If I don't wear pants underneath the costume then I wear short leggings up to my thighs. Usually if I wear pants then when we're getting changed quickly it can get caught on the zip and I don't like the feeling of being slow so I always wear leggings. But my favourite kind of leggings is out of stock everywhere. What do I do~!

[Green] I'm gong to talk about how I rode on a taxi that was completely green *laughs* After buying football equipment with Shibutani we caught a taxi and were heading for the beauty parlour in Aoyama. Then the driver asked us "I just went to the opening of the Tokyo Midtown but it was incredible. Have you already been there?" and we were saying "No, not yet~" then he said "I've asked the customers but it seems that you can't go into whichever restaurant without pre-booking" "Really~ then we'll make sure we'll go once it's settled down a little" and we were so into the conversation that the old man completely forgot to press the fare button. When we were going to pay he said "...you can just pay the lowest fare of 660 yen" *laughs* The roads were a little congested so if it was normal then it would have been just over 2000 yen. We were so lucky~

Ryuhei Maruyama

[Orange] I wasn't really aware of the colour orange up until now, but since my colour has become Orange, the amount of orange things I own has increased. My notebook's orange and my pen's orange... orange is always on my mind. If there are lots of colours of the same thing then I would choose orange now. Also in fortunes and things that say today's lucky colour is orange, I'll think "Ooh!" I've also become inclined to that. For example, if the lucky colour for that day was purple then most often I think of Murakami-kun. Since I've become the Orange Ranger, that colour has started to corrode my lifestyle *laughs* The other day I also bought an orange coloured T-shirt, which is also cute. But not a lot of people wear the colour orange do they? Because they only really use it to make a point. And if you don't put it in carefully then you fail. With that kind of meaning, it's a difficult colour so on that note I think maybe I'm similar. Kind of like "where should we put Maru in?" *laughs* If we put him here then he'll seem too bright and stand out too much... kind of way. I think with that meaning, we overlap. I'm the kind of person who's good for emphasising things *laughs*

[Blue] My feeling sways quite a lot depending on the weather. It's the same with your physical condition right? They say that people who have broken their bones feel aches when it rains. It's the same if you have a headache. But today the weather is clear so my feeling now is a gentle, light blue! The weather is good and it feels good. There's the orange of the sun but if it was just that then it would be hot. However if you add in the light blue then it feels a little cooler. It's pretty much grey with rain too but there's the coolness of the blue as well. Like the wind that blows after the rain's poured down on a hot summer's day. That's definitely blue.

[Rainbow] Should I explain this tour with colours? This time it's Rainbow coloured. The binding of the pamphlet is the same as well. But the colour of the Eight Rainbow has colours like black that you wouldn't see in a real rainbow. Which means that we're not really your typical rainbow. If we were the rainbow you see then the conversation would turn into how it would be good to see it in another place. We have to show to those who are going to come and see us the rainbow that only we can show. If you talk about our rainbow then it could be something like an aurora. There are different colours in an aurora right? And it floats in the night sky so the black draws out those colours. Well, the black in the eight is Yokocho so there are times he comes out with evil things and makes the other colours bad. But that makes you think he surely is the colour black. Then Purple creates harmony, Yellow continues to give out the brilliant light the second time round, Green continues to make everyone calm down, and while Red shouts enthusiastically, Blue always creates peace... and Orange does stupid things to convey excitement. I think it would be nice if we could draw out the rainbow that is Kanjani 8 to everyone on campus. I guess that's the kind of concert it is.

Shota Yasuda

[Blue] If you're asked what's the colour of the sea and the sky? then whatever country you're in you would answer blue wouldn't you? So I think it's amazing. Although the blue in Japan is quite thin. I feel that there's a lack of things which you can get drawn into. I often tend to look up at the sky. I tend to think of the night sky as black but in actual fact it's dark blue. I wrote the lyrics of the song I'm singing this time in the concert called 'My mirror' while I was sitting on the tour bus and gazing at Tokyo's night sky. I think if it was the sky during the day then I wouldn't have been able to write them. The things that emerge while watching the night sky and the day sky are completely different. For me, the colour blue is really important for me when I think. I think when I look up at the sky. There are colours that heal you and colours that make you think... oh, if I think about it now, I liked blue in the squadrons and Rangers I was in in the past. Blue's cool and in a stylish position don't you think? The character of Blue in ∞Ranger is someone that doesn't listen *laughs* I'm happy with that, because I'm pleasant. Being able to say "hey, hey" is the best feeling. I guess I've become someone who I can't usually be *laughs* ∞Ranger is fun every single day. There was this one time when I nearly peed myself. When I laughed too much I nearly peed myself *laughs* Though before peeing I was crying. The tears were falling down. All of the Eight can enjoy themselves that much.

[Orange] At night, I only actually have indirect illumination, candles or aroma lights. The light of the candle is orange isn't it? Orange light makes me feel calm. Even when I stay at a hotel, if it's a room by myself then I'll light a candle. During the rehearsals I stayed at a hotel but I lit up a scented candle I had with me and turned off all the other lights. Aroma candles are a necessity on tour. With that reason, there's also some connection with the colour orange. Orange is a colour that makes you feel relieved. If you were within the candlelight then it feels like even though you were hit by someone you wouldn't have a bad feeling *laughs* Within the Eight Maru is Orange but Maru is more sunlight rather than candlelight. He's everyone's energy. Though because he shares the energy properly between everyone he might feel tired. He gives stamina to everybody.

[Green] Usually I wear light coloured clothes. I like the combination of the colours that are like American sweets. Pink and fluorescent green and orange. I like the American way of using colours. Also the standard of colours I wear for clothes is anything, although... I wonder what I have the most. Maybe green. I like nature. I think that if I had one month's holiday I'd like to go somewhere where there is lots of nature, which is why I might be trying to seek that in my normal life. Because blue is the sky and sea right? And the orange of the sun and the green of the trees. By the way, everything in my room is brown. Brown is also the colour of trees.

Yu Yokoyama

[Black] The reason why my Coloured Ranger is Black. Recently me and Okura were the same green. There was a period of time where we made jokes about "Why are we both the same green" for a while. But we couldn't quite convey it to the guests and we couldn't get a single laugh out of it *laughs* So then I asked those in Shochiku-za during the real performance "Hey, what colour can I change to." I thought backstage that maybe it sounded too real *laughs* That turned into "what colour would be good" and there was even the suggestion of "how about gold?" but I said gold seemed a little too showy and I'd be a bit embarrassed by it. Which is why it turned into maybe black would be good and the Black Ranger was born. But the colour black as it is is quite difficult too. There are times while we're performing on stage when they hang down the cloth of the colour image. The red and green are fine because they're flashy but the black and the blackout curtains are the same *laughs* Also with illuminations, they can bring out the yellow and blue lights but there's no light for black. Even so, I'm really pleased with this black.

[Ranger Colour] During the concert we shout "Yellow!" and "Orange!" and things like that but during the rehearsals we also shout "Yasu!" and "Hina!" and at the end we add on "...Purple" *laughs* But there are actually other proper names we call! I've once done that, saying Tom *laughs*

[Green] On the bullet train I want to be able to ride the green car *laughs* Sometimes when I'm totally exhausted I ride on the green car but I want to be able to become a person who can be impressive and ride the green car *laughs* I really long for a better seat on aeroplanes and things like that. I'm still in the economy seats. Hey, how do you get the chance to ride on those kinds of seats? I'm really into that~ *laughs* The good thing about the green car? Illumination I guess. The indirect lighting is a little darker so you become really calm. I don't like fluorescent lights that much. There are people who, if they grow too used to it then they oversleep and get panicky but I'm fine with that. I don't sleep deeply inside carriages and I always wake up 1 station before so I never oversleep! I don't eat in the bullet trains either. It's a little too expensive, putting ice into bento boxes. I feel as though it's a loss *laughs* Which is why I finish my shopping with water when I go to the shop.

[Blue] The colour of the sea in Okinawa! That's the last place we go to for this tour. I haven't been to Okinawa in a while and I'm really looking forward to it. But it seems the first trip to Okinawa is only a day trip so I was a little down by that *laughs* I want to succeed with the concert and then safely reach the goal of Okinawa. I'm hoping to be able to feel the free air of Okinawa as long as we can!

Subaru Shibutani

[Red] My Ranger's colour is red but recently I had a conversation about deciding not the Ranger colour but the theme colour. I thought that I won pretty quickly with it *laughs* I'm sure during that time Hina wasn't there and I decided by myself "I think Hina's purply" *laughs* But now I can't imagine anyone apart from Hina wearing purple. The reason why I picked red? I wonder why... I've liked red from the past. Especially since I started working, I had a lot of red clothes and there was a period of time once when I kept buying red T-shirts. Either way I feel as though that's my lucky colour.

[Yellow] The yellow of the loess. Honestly, leave me alone! On top of that, until the other day my nose was terrible due to hay-fever and I thought fi~nally it'll become a lot easier on me when suddenly the loess appears! It's not just with my nose but things like my car turn entirely yellow. My car's white so it's the worst thing ever. Where am I supposed to claim my the money for the cost of washing the car! *laughs* But my car doesn't fit into the automatic car wash so I have to ask the people at the stand. Every time I come back from Tokyo it's a shock for me to find that the car that's supposed to be white is a beautiful egg colour~ *laughs*

[Green] If I'm being accurate then turquoise green. I recently bought a necklace of that colour. The top has a pretty turquoise green stone and on the back it's gold with a pattern of a bird's feather. The other parts of the necklace have red beads and so I like it quite a lot. These beads look like something from 200 years ago. The reason why I chose this necklace? It looks expensive *laughs* Though that's a joke, I thought that I wanted a proper accessory. Originally I like turquoise accessories anyway and I have a lot of blue rings but this is the first time I have one of this colour. Apparently it changes colour depending on the weather.

[Orange] I haven't been feeling the sunlight lately. I have recordings and shootings so I'm constantly inside the studio. I guess if you don't feel the rays then humans start to become irritated. The tour has already started but there aren't days yet where I'm busy from early in the morning until late in the night. I don't know what it'll be like once it's July but between the members we're saying "It'll be nice if we manage to go all the way round" "It would be nice to go to Okinawa by ourselves" *laughs* If we don't extract that amount of strength then halfway through our energy will cut out. The preparations for the tour hasn't finished yet either. I'm hoping to get the hair and make-up artist I know to buy me shampoo and conditioner, hair spray and a hair band for my hair. Oh I have no pants! What do I do! The pants I have for concerts and everyday are different. On stage I have boxers that are secure and when I sleep I wear trunks that are more liberal... eh, I don't need to explain it that much? *laughs* It's no good, I'm going to go and buy pants tomorrow!

Tadayoshi Okura

[Green] When we decided recently let's choose what colour each member should be, we were working it out based on things like "With Yasu he seems a little bluish" but Murakami-kun and I couldn't be decided. We didn't resolve then because Murakami-kun wasn't there at the time but though I was there at the time I guess my character wasn't quite conveyed yet. And we thought... Yokoyama-kun was green and Okura was yellow-green and that would be fine *laughs* Which is why recently there were two Green Rangers within the Eight. That turned into conversations where we thought it's quite amusing. We had jokes where we had the impression that you could laugh at it and that there were light and dark greens but it was a really subtle difference so we didn't get any laughs for them at all *laughs* And then at the MC at Shochiku-za we asked the guests "Who is greener between Yokoyama and Okura" and at that time I won which is why I'm still Green.

[Purple] The clothes I was wearing in the solo corner I did in the F.T.O tour was reddish purple but the image of that colour remains strongly in my mind and I get a lot of thoughts from that as well. Personally when I thought of that section I wasn't particularly considering the image of the colour that much. Then they made me an illumination as though of a butterfly flying. Also the first time, the jacket that was prepared for me at Shochiku-za had an embroidered butterfly on the collar. But in the next arena we performed at, the area was bigger and because it would be better to have a jacket, I wondered if I should put on the velvet jacket. I thought maybe a dark green would have been suitable but in the end I wore the reddish purple velvet jacket. I said it before but I often use images to convey thoughts so I left the details to the staff. The staff are also the pros of pros. In the solo corner, the person who was singing had the pin-spot shining on them so they don't know about things like the other colours. Afterwards when we watched it I found out "ah, it's like that" *laughs*

[Blue] The other day I got hold of a turquoise blue necklace. I've talked about it on WU before but it's a replacement of the necklace I lost during the concert. I went to the jewelry shop which made the accessory and after saying "I'm sorry! I lost it due to my carelessness!" and they said to me "there's nothing you can do. We'll make you another one." This one has black beads from the neck and the turquoise at the bottom is maybe a native American character; it has a character on it. There's a ☆ mark on there too. The shape of the stone is also different from the last one and it feels as though it's powered up. I don't tend to wear accessories usually but this is different. I'm hoping this time I'll treasure it!
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katherinekatekatherinekate on June 12th, 2007 01:11 pm (UTC)
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☆★: Kanjani 8 ~ Marushimmeredusk on June 12th, 2007 10:38 pm (UTC)
awww it's no problem really!! ♥ I'm glad you enjoyed it! I loved how Ryo was like I got Yasu to pay for my meal XD
katherinekatekatherinekate on June 13th, 2007 12:00 pm (UTC)
How did you guess that was one of my favourite parts too?!!
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zaq: GEEITOzaq_in_chill on June 12th, 2007 04:14 pm (UTC)
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☆★: Kanjani 8 ~ Marushimmeredusk on June 12th, 2007 10:43 pm (UTC)
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They are adorable and I really do love Maru's description of the Rainbow and of the Eito Rangers. *___*
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☆★: Kanjani 8 ~ Marushimmeredusk on June 12th, 2007 10:54 pm (UTC)
Hmm... that's true, but I guess it's more interesting to see what colours they think up first and choose? :D

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nana_komatsu7: Yassanhoodnana_komatsu7 on June 13th, 2007 12:15 am (UTC)
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Cult of Nerdjoie_de_vivre3 on June 13th, 2007 02:46 am (UTC)
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☆★: Kanjani 8 ~ Marushimmeredusk on June 15th, 2007 09:25 am (UTC)
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must hv took u a long time to translate, thanks!!!
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☆★: Kanjani 8 ~ Marushimmeredusk on June 15th, 2007 09:26 am (UTC)
Ahaha~ well there was a lot of flailing involved while I did XD

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Translate more~~~~~
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Akiabsenceofmind on July 14th, 2007 07:57 am (UTC)
trying to imagine yoko as the gold ranger is amusing =) and "who is greener, ohkura or yoko?" kan8 wins the crack award, always.

i wonder if ANYONE but murakami would have gone, "ooh, cool, purple!" if told, "you're gonna be the purple ranger." XD then again, uchi is PINK. PINK! in the US, the pink ranger was a GIRL!

i loved maruyama's description of the eight colors (evil yokocho, muwahaha)! it should be their slogan:

kanjani8--not your average rainbow.

aleksejkolinko on October 8th, 2016 05:41 am (UTC)